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Thu, 19 Oct 2023 14:28:20 +0200

Ursula Sabisch

Ursula Sabisch, Empress, Am Aehrenfeld 15, 23564 Luebeck, Germany     

To Advanzia Bank   

PO Box 4108

D-54231 Trier 



Luebeck, 19 October 2023

That German-language document you may find here!



Financial independence through pocket money.


Dear Ladies and Gentlemen of the money and banking business,

You offer loans for all kinds of things, although reality speaks a completely different language!   

It is good, should a person be in need and become insolvent, that this person can be helped.   

But as a responsible banker or manager of the money, you must always bear in mind that at the same time at least one other person in the world will die every second, because this person, for example, does not even get a tenth of the food or medicine from the money that you and like-minded people offer or actually already are throwing at every creditworthy citizen.  

With what privilege is one person allowed to live high and the other has to die or become seriously ill for exactly this reason?

By what prerogative and with what justification are people allowed to live high on the supreme expense of others, when the means to live would have been sufficient for all people in the world?  

Is it the right of the cleverer or the right of the cunning?  

Or is it the right of the more industrious through the labour of their hands?   

What century are we living in and what limits will we soon reach as a human race? 

You and others have lost the overview and, as one of the richest nations, will have to admit in the foreseeable future that something quite enormous has got out of hand and is going really wrong!

Now underground nuclear tests will no longer be controllable and now the worldwide harvest will not be sufficient for all people for much longer, because of severe earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and forest and field fires as well as the environmental imbalance of the weather due to the massive precipitations, many landslides and floods will occur.    

Also just by the dryness and drought and by the increasingly climatically favourable reproduction of different pests as well as by the field mice, the results of the world food supply are already determined by crop failures!

But you and others continue to sponsor costly pleasure trips and invest in the highest luxury, which no thinking person can afford in this situation for a long time!

Now individual statesmen want to distinguish themselves and especially to remain in dictatorial power. These people want to live high on the hog and want to achieve a high reputation with a historical obituary, which already seems to be desirable for many others as well!   

After all, money is power and money makes one free or independent, doesn't it? Wouldn't that be a fitting slogan for the future? And what should this future actually look like?   

Huge amounts of money in the wrong hands, as can be clearly seen in the Gaza Strip, for example, through the investments in the underground two-storey tunnels, and weapons in the wrong hands, are the result of misdirected transactions of money to the wrong and highly criminal recipients!

It is extremely important to basically check very carefully who gets the money and in what amount, where and for what investment the money was visibly used and in what amount and whether the complete funds have also served their purpose for the respective people!   

And now comes the hammer!   

Possibly money really does make people free and independent, but only during their lifetime on earth.   

Afterwards, this desire for freedom and luxury clearly reverses and this reversal will certainly last considerably longer than life on earth!

Those who have lost their lives through a failure to help by these available funds or through misappropriated accumulations of the funds of individual persons are certainly "fixed" in the hereafter and the causers or the individual persons responsible are certainly registered!   

The one thing is always connected with the other through the cycle of life and so every thinking person should realise very quickly that knowledge is also a strong power!

This means for all people to subordinate themselves to the actual true power and to support and protect this power in every situation in life without fail, also by voluntarily making available demanded funds or real estate such as castles or a villa of the really powerful ones in order to be able to make the true power more expandable and capable of acting!

That is how you start in little Europe and take all the peoples of Europe with you, including Russia! 

However, if conditions for a disbursement of the required funds of my person are contractually established, then please fulfil these conditions at last, because Europe alone has the possibility to fulfil at least one of the conditions immediately and completely, although it is of course the responsibility of the world community to also implement the second condition without exception!

No one has claimed that life is easy and no one is claiming that it is not harmless to want to bring about a turnaround in contemporary history, but one can insist that without this turnaround something quite alien can seize power even before the world finally "says goodbye"! 

Please read the contract for the joint world heritage enterprise on the Internet thoroughly. Small contradictions or open instructions and orders might be present in the contract, but these will also be able to be rectified by professionals in the course of time.  

My person has needed for too long* her hard-earned pocket money in full and tax-free, also to be able to partially reinvest it in the World Heritage!

So I hope for your clear common sense and your expertise, in that at least Europe-wide different wind will blow and remain    

Yours sincerely

 Ursula Sabisch,Empress

HP: This document is again part of the said contract and should be made available on the Internet for everyone, especially for the administrators of the money (millionaires and billionaires) of the whole world community.

*And this will be very expensive for each individual, because time is money in this case!

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